What is Elytra?

Okay so you ask, "What is Elytra?" Fair enough. It's usually the first question people ask. So here is the story, straight from Andrea, Elytra Design's founder:

"The day I decided to start this company I searched for a name that drew me into design. Art and science were always intimately connected in my view of the world. Having spent many years studying and admiring the intricacies of nature, and the always outrageous and unanticipated designs born out of the process of evolution, I realized that the expression of art through humans comes from the same force and source that drives nature to create.

The awesome experience of peering through a microscope into the universe of a single cell or at the intricate sculpturing of the outer wing of a beetle, has left an impression so deep that it pervades a thirst to create beauty, no matter what the medium.

And so the inspiration for the name and philosophy of this web design company arose from the "Elytra", the outer wings of the beetle, which are masterfully sculpted, explosive with iridescence and resplendent with subtle magnificence!"

Thus sprach Elytra!