Web Design Process

It's all about process. One phase creates the conditions for the next phase. It is a simple, intelligent and demanding process. It's also extremely satisfying and fun. Get ready!


We begin each project with a discovery phase. We ask specific questions, with the aim to dig deeply and uncover the purpose, objective and direction of our client organizations. Through discovery work, we enter a creative collaboration, bridging who you are with where you are going, and who you intend to reach. This collaborative process is the foundation of all of our websites. It starts with a free and open inquiry, all possibilities considered.

information architecture

Information architecture is the natural next step following discovery. Through discovery work, patterns begin to emerge. Relationships naturally form. We follow those patterns and relationships until a heirarchy of information emerges. This information architecture becomes the backbone of the website. It needs to be deeply and rigorously thought through, so that the end result will be a seamless and natural navigation system.

custom design

The information gathered during discovery and architecture phases inform the graphic design. Graphic design is also a highly creative and collaborative process. The purpose is to create a seamless graphical experience, which expresses the vision and mission of our clients, and captures their audience. We strive to create a visual experience which is appealing and captivating.

web development

Whether we build websites using XHTML/CSS or develop a backend using an open source content management system such as Drupal or Wordpress, we ensure that the final product matches the needs and requirements of our clients. We strive to create scalable websites that can grow into the future, changing as our client organizations change. We strive for clean, compliant code. 

maintain & promote

Once a website is launched, a new phase begins. Elytra Design will continue to work with you as long as you like to continue to develop and improve your site over time. We will work with you to help your target audience find you through email campaigns and social media strategies such as blogging, facebook, twitter. In addition, we can help you keep track of your web stats using Google Analytics, and develop search engine optimization strategies that keep your site well engaged.