When the Table Turns

When the Table Turns

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When the Table Turns is my  personal blog site, which I co-authored with a dear friend, Judy. It is an open book inquiry into a major table turning period in my life.

It is about my mother, who lived to 100 years old, and Judy’s mother, who lived to 99 years old.  It is about the unexpected treasures we each explored and discovered in ourselves, in our families and in our friends as our mothers aged.

This journey was and is, I believe, a new rite of passage for our aging parents, and for all of us. 

It is a journey that takes place in the dark, but where the light shines deeply and joyfully through the cracks. It is not only a journey worth embarking on, it is one that, I believe, touches a moral compass at the core of our humanity.

~ Andrea Hurley

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