Mapping Thoreau Country

“The experience was excellent from start to finish. My expectations were exceeded, especially in respect to the translation of my general ideas into a specific, well-organized, and beautiful design. “

Susan Gallagher
Author, Mapping Thoreau Country

Mapping Thoreau Country

WordPress | Non-Profit | Education

This website is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in the life and travels of Henry David Thoreau. It uses historical maps to organize and display primary materials related to Thoreau’s travels throughout Massachusetts. Inner pages contain explanatory notes, images, quotes, and links to additional resources that illuminate Thoreau’s remarkable contributions to American political, social, economic, and environmental thought.


After several weeks of inspiring conversation, research and discovery we began to implement a plan to bring the travels of Henry David Thoreau to the web. Here’s what we did:

  • Lots of philosophical conversations about HDT!
  • Web strategy
  • Architecture
  • Content Strategy
  • Visual Design
  • Interactive Map
  • Custom wordpress design
  • WordPress development
  • WordPress CMS training


While this was one of our earliest WordPress websites, it has held the test of time visually and organizationally. The website provides educational information in an exceptionally effective and professional way, starting with an interactive map on the homepage. This site is extremely informative for anyone interested in Henry David Thoreau’s life, work, and travels!

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