going responsive

going responsive

In this dynamic, fast-moving, wild and wonderful world of web design, 5 years is practically a century. Responsive web design (RWD) had it's beginnings in 2010 ago when visionary web designer, Ethan Marcotte, published his article on A List Apart. Soon Ethan was on the speaker circuit, his vision became a game changer, and by now "responsive" is practically a household name.

Or is it?

Most people who reach out to discuss ideas of redesigning their website are thinking about mobile usage. Their first concern is often to do with responsive. They are mobile users themselves, and have the experience of the difference between being able to actually read content on their phone or having to pinch out and manipulate their mobile screen to get to their content. By now, they know without a doubt that this is not a great user experience. 

And then there is the minority, the folks who are not there yet. Sometimes it's a matter of budget (responsive may be a bit more expensive) and sometimes it's because of their own experience. Some are not mobile users themselves. Others are ok with pinching and squeezing. Few are checking their Google Analytics stats and noting the higher bounce rates with mobile usage. Perhaps they don't realize that by now 61% of site visitors quickly move on to another site (like a competitor site) if they don’t find what they are looking for right away on a mobile site. 

What ever the reason, I do my best to shine a light on the benefits of RWD. That's my job. And now especially that I can walk my talk :-)