an elytra re-design

The cobbler's children have no shoe

"The cobbler's children have no shoes." That's what people would say when we talked about our old website. As much as we wanted to redesign it, we never managed to find the time. But when it reached that point where it felt so outdated that we didn't want to send anyone to it (not good for a web design shop) we pulled out all stops and made it happen. Those those cobbler's kids finally have new shoes! And Elytra has its new design:) 

Welcome to our new site! While we gave it a whole new look and feel—one that is more contemporary and upbeat, we retained some of the old touches that we love. We scattered about a few more beetles with their stunning display of colors and patterns. While we retained the simplicity of our former site, the new content better reflects our current technologies and strategies to web design. Hopefully you will find it to be simple, clear and elegant—an expression of the philosophy we aim for with all our client websites. We have some new features too, including a blog (you are currently reading a post from our blog) where we'll be keeping up to date with relevant trends, and a new gallery of photos, where we currently feature a retrospective of all of our designs, and a dedication/memorial to a very dear friend. We'll be using the gallery feature for more photography from ElytraDesign in the future. 

We also added the bios of our close collaborators, who make up the Elytra team. Meet our team, including drupal developer Chris Wells of Redfin Solutions, print designer Yuling Tan of Yuling Designs, photographer and graphic designer Jon Sachs of Jon Sachs Designs and Elytra Design apprentice, Ashley Borsotti.

old site - because we love history :-)

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