blogging and the motivation factor

blogging and the motivation factor - blog post by Andrea Hurley, Elytra Design

At Elytra Design, we've been courting the idea of blogging for a couple of years. We knew it was important for all the reasons we expressed in our previous blog post, but something seemed to be getting in the way of starting—in earnest. As we looked more more closely at what was hanging us up, we found that it was not quite so simple as not having enough time, which we initially thought was the culprit. We found that beyond the time factor, there is also the motivation factor. What is the motivation for writing a blog? What is the purpose? For us these are key questions in unblocking the way.

Having a clear purpose is the first step toward success in any endeavor, and so it is also true for blogging. In fact, once the motivation question is clear, the equation changes. Time is no longer the primary culprit. As stated in our last post, blogging makes a lot of sense if we want to organically increase our page rank in Google and other search engines. Keyword rich content has always been an unchanging constant in Google's ever changing search algorithms. Further, in this fast growing digital world of ours, high business rankings also correlates to business success. And yet these facts—as compelling as they are—may still not be quite enough motivation to push through the time constraint and get started. It wasn't for me, even though I've been creatively directing Elytra Design since 2002.

While the facts about search engine rankings apply healthy pressure on any business to start blogging, for us at Elytra Design, ranking high on the search engines was still not enough to get us going. Like being in school, wanting good grades is good, but not enough. Real change, just like true learning, requires genuine interest. And in my experience, this is where everything can change. This is when the "I should do it" morphs to "I want to do it." Surprising energy arises in this, and that's a big shift!

So what shifted for us at Elytra Design was identifying and getting clear about our true purpose for blogging. Because we love to learn and to share our knowledge, THIS has become the primary motivating factor. Blogging by it's very nature forces us to think and learn, and we don't have to be experts. We can learn, contemplate and share, free of having to be the ones who know it all—because none of us do! At Elytra Design we enjoy figuring things out for ourselves and for our clients. We also want to make a difference in the lives of our clients. So blogging is a pretty exciting way of entering the world of thought leadership.

To top it off, what I appreciate most of all is that blogging can make us smarter and bring greater value into our own lives, our businesses and into the lives and businesses of others. So what motivates us to blog now?

  • Walking our talk and leading by example
  • Thinking deeply and solving problems
  • Continuing to learn and not having to know it all
  • Getting smarter and building thought leadership
  • Valuing transparency and earning people’s trust

To me these are GREAT motivating factors to get me to the keyboard!

What do you think?

What motivating factors would inspire you to start blogging?
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