Walker Center endorsement

"The overall experience with Elytra Design was exceptional. What stood out most was their desire to really know and understand our organization. We spent hours in the discovery phase, and the questionsasked helped me in other aspects of marketing. Elytra not only stayed on deadline, she also made me feel as if I were her only client. I always felt very proud to present the various stages of the website to our board of directors because I felt that they had so clearly "nailed" who we are and what we do. In fact, she took it to an even higher level.
All expectations were met, particularly in terms of production. When they said something would be ready, it was. I could say that many expectations were exceeded in that I felt that Elytra really "got" our organization on the deepest level and was able to create a website that not only represented who we are now, but also what we aspire to become.
We have gotten a significant amount of new business as a result of the website. I was most impressed by the discovery phase. Having worked on new websites in the past, I fully expected a group of designers to meet with key folks in our organization to brainstorm ideas for the look and feel of the site. With Elytra Design, I met one-on-one with Andrea and she asked some hard and some unusual questions that I realized later were meant to help her to understand our organization and to stimulate her own creative processes. That one-on-one experience led to some in-depth thinking on my part that later transferred to other areas of my work.
My experience with Elytra Design was unique. Where I expected to spend time educating the designer about our organization, Andrea actually helped me look inside my own organization and that process led me to new insights. The website is truly beautiful and totally representative of who we are--it is the result, I think, of our collaborative efforts; however, I am fully aware that Andrea empowered me to be an effective collaborator."
Carolyn Montalto, Executive Director
The Walker Center