Kudos for Elytra

Services from Elytra were outstanding from the initial proposal, all the way through to the launch and beyond. It's obvious they really care about the success of the client and they are there every step of the way to guide and help out.

Climate Change Initiative
University o Massachusetts, Lowell

“Working with Elytra Design and the colleagues at Redfin was terrific. They led a well-thought out process to understand what RBT's needs were, added value throughout the process about what would work best in today's web world, and demonstrated a real flair for design. ” 

Research for Better Teaching

“Working with Elytra Design on the new website was a great experience. They understood the look and the functionality we were aiming for. I’ll be happy to work with them again!” 

The Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology
Harvard University

“Elytra Design designed a website that aesthetically mirrors our foundation’s mission and reach. The site’s artistry and intuitive navigation has been warmly received by program participants and donors alike.”

I’m Still Here Foundation

"Elytra Design not only stayed on deadline, they also made me feel as if I were their only client."

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Carolyn Montalto, Executive Director
The Walker Center

"...Elytra was the right choice to help us bring a new level of design sophistication to this community."

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Mitch Bogen, Publications Associate
Ikeda Center for Peace, Learning and Dialogue

"...The responses all around have been resoundingly positive, especially regarding the creative and artistic aspects of the project. As I near the end of the Steve Jobs bio, I think we’ve integrated design and utility into the website in a way that the design is part of the essence and not merely a veneer—a site Jobs would enjoy."

Michael J. Frederick, Executive Director
The Thoreau Society


"The most important indicator to us that the new site is a success is that applications now reflect an increased depth of understanding of the program: the goals, philosophy, community, structure, and mathematical content."

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Julia Rolnick, PROMYS Director of Outreach

"My expectations were exceeded, especially in respect to the translation of my general ideas into a specific, well-organized, and beautiful design. The experience was excellent from start to finish."

Susan Gallahger, Ph.D., Professor
Mapping Thoreau Country

"...passionate and creative and took the time to develop a true understanding of our organization as they worked to create a design and architecture for our new website."

Christina Kovacev, Exec. Assistant to President
Judge Baker Children's Center

"...patient and creative."

Edie Twining, Principal Designer
Twining Design
Twining Design

"Every single deadline was met and lines of communication were open at every stage of the process."

Sameen Saeed, Director, Strategic Partnerships
Readiness Roadmap

"...tremendously creative and thoughtful and ...a great sense of site navigation."

Lisa Thurau-Gray
Strategies for Youth

"Elytra Design has been a phenomenal partner in advancing the mission of COSEBOC. It was Andrea's commitment to social justice and attention to detail that made me know early on that she was the right person to work with us."

Ron Walker, Executive Director
Coalition of Schools Educating Boys of Color


"Elytra Design really understood the heart of this project and translated that beautifully."

Caitlin Hawke
The Pasteur Foundation

“...what we found most impressive was [Elytra Design's] desire to understand what the client does, and what they need to communicate to be effective, and incorporate that into the fabric of the website.”

James Magerman, Director of Technology Services
The Alliance for Inclusion and Prevention


“worked closely with me in building a legal and consulting business website exactly as I had envisioned."

Richard W. Cole, Esq.
Cole Civil Rights and Safe Schools Consulting


"...beautiful, professional, flexible, and has gotten me noticed by google. Elytra Design is really fun to work with!"

Elisif Brandon
Elisif Brandon Photography


"A superb artist, art critic, and techno-wizard, ...knowledgeable and flexible."

Max D. Stern
Max Stern Photography

"Working with Elytra is like having another team member in the office committed to your mission and ready to help you meet your goals!"

Erika Jacobsen White
The National Police Accountability Project

"To my delight, our expectations were not only met, but were greatly exceeded... Our participation was encouraged during the entire process and she opened our eyes to even greater possibilities of what we originally imagined!"

Cheryl Burg Rusk, Associate Director
Harvard Law School, Legal Services Center

"Responsive, thoughtful, committed."

Igor Shpilenok and Laura Williams
Shpilenok Russian Nature Photography

"I love it and am proud to have such a strong and vibrant tool in our bag. Thanks for hanging in there with us."

Tim McHale, President
The Boston Minstrel Company

"Grateful to Elytra Design for persevering through this process with care, commitment and service."

Barbara Waldorf, Business Manager
38 Cameron - Special Events Venue

"Welcoming, accessible, beautiful and so powerful."

Jane Doe Inc.

"Patient, full of ideas and energy, and you kept us focused when we needed it."

Jami Reever
Cambridge Friends School

"We are grateful to... for its generosity by donating more than half of the project costs to the library."

Developed an earlier version of the BPL website in partnership with Jonathan Sachs.

Mayor Thomas A. Merino
The Boston Public Library

"Thoughtful, creative, and reliable - Imaginative, dedicated, efficient, fun to work with."

Margaret Williams, Director
Wild Russia Project

"Andrea has always had that solid focus, a good eye, and is one of the most caring and honorable people I've ever worked with. She's a treasure. You should hire her to do your site, whoever you are."

Jon Sachs
Jonathan Sachs Graphics

"I want to thank my mom, Andrea Hurley, for teaching everything from making the moving graphics and rollovers, to showing me how to use PhotoShop and Dreamweaver."

Ali Voss 8th Grade Student
Changes in State of Water