At Elytra Design, we strive to create websites that express the real intelligence of our client organizations. We do this through direct engagement and collaborative inquiry with our clients. Through the creative use of dialogue and web technologies, we capture the story and retell it in the medium of web. We aim for clarity, simplicity and beauty.


To meet our clients in a vision that enables a better future.


To express that vision in the web medium.


We are people people. We put highest value on mutual working relationships based on trust, reliability and integrity. We want you to come out the other end feeling that you have received more than your money's worth. And we'll stay in your life for as long as you want us to after we complete the job.


Elytra Design was founded by Andrea Hurley in January, 2002, after the dot com crash and the fall of many web companies, including the 25 year old CenterMedia, which is the parent company from where Elytra Design emerged. At a time when companies were downsizing or closing shop, one might think it's not the wisest time to open one. But as we all know, adversity can also breed creativity and tenacity—especially if we leap despite challenging conditions.

And that, in short, is our history!