about us a little bit

"Elytra Design has been a phenomenal partner in advancing the mission of COSEBOC. It was Andrea's commitment to social justice and attention to detail that made me know early on that she was the right person to work with us."

Ron Walker, Executive Director
Coalition of Schools Educating Boys of Color

Our Studio

ElytraDesign is a web design and development studio based in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts. Founded in Boston in 2002, and serving clients nationally and internationally, we have built hundreds of websites—across the nonprofit and for-profit sectors; from educational institutes and social justice organizations, to artists, photographers, and consultants to a wide range of businesses.

What We Do

Web design and development is our profession and our craft. Working together with our clients, we aim to be laser focused on every decision we make. From user experience (UX) to graphic design, and from content strategy to how your website will impact your customers. 

What We Value

We put the highest value on healthy working relationships based on respect and clarity of communication. We want our clients to come out the other end of our work together feeling their expectations have been exceeded. To that end, we will continue to be a web partner for as long as our clients want after the website has launched—in order to support the continued growth of the website and organization or business.

Our Team

We are a small collaborative of WordPress and Drupal designers and developers. 

A Brief History

ElytraDesign was founded by Andrea Hurley in January, 2002, after the dot com crash and the fall of many web companies, including the 25 year old CenterMedia, which is where Andrea got her start as a web designer. At a time when companies were downsizing or closing shop, one might think it’s not the wisest time to open one. But adversity can also breed creativity and tenacity—especially if we leap despite challenging conditions.

And that, in short, is Elytra Design’s history!

What is Elytra?

So you ask, “What is Elytra?” Fair enough. It’s often one of the first questions people ask. Here is the story:

“The day Elytra Design’s founder, Andrea, decided to start this company she searched for a name that inspired and drew her deeply to design and the creative process. Art and science were always closely connected in her view of the world. Having spent many years as a biologist, studying and admiring the intricacies of nature and the unanticipated designs born out of the process of evolution, she realized that the expression of art through humans comes from the same force and source that drives nature to create

Celebrating Over 20 Years!

With over 2 decades of experience in this field, we have been part of a world-changing and mind-bending industry. The open source web community is constantly pushing the edge, creating new and better web design practices. There is no rest, no plateau. It’s like climbing a mountain, seeing the top, but never getting there. Ever. It is a wild, challenging, and ultimately rewarding ride. So grateful and proud to be part of this journey for all these years!

"One word comes to mind in summing up our relationship with Elytra, integrity. You can move forward with confidence, knowing you will be treated fairly and honestly. Add that to Andrea’s beautiful designs and value-added services and you have an unbeatable solution."

Dan Rosenberg, Author
Dan A Rosenberg Books