Our Team

Elytra Design works in collaboration at all levels. We work in collaboration with our clients, so that together we create powerful, successful and purposeful websites. We also work in collaboration within our team. We are a collective of passionate individuals, each of whom also has their own web design or development studio. We bring a diversity of independent thinking and creativity to each of our projects, as well as the determination of entrepreneurial spirit. We work hard, love what we do and value each other as well as each of our clients.

Andrea Hurley, Founder and Creative Director, Elytra DesignAndrea Hurley, Founder, Creative Director and Visual Designer
Andrea began her career as a web professional in 1998. She she founded Elytra Design in 2002, she has been putting into motion everything from design and development, to meeting and working with a diverse array of intelligent and motivated clients, to developing creative strategies for web processes, and running a small business. 

While Andrea has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from U.Mass Boston and a Master of Science in Entomology from U.Mass Amherst, she has a lifelong love of art. She appreciates the art in science and the science in art, which is why her career as a web professional is a perfect balance. She and her husband moved from Boston to the Berkshires in 2017, but she travels regularly to Boston. When not working she spends time with close friends and family, walking and playing with her dog, Teddy, and co-authoring a blog about caring for elderly parents


Christopher Wells, Drupal Developer

Chris Wells, Drupal Developer
Chris has been working on the web since 2003, and has been focusing exclusively on Drupal since 2006. In addition to programming with Drupal, Chris also teaches, trains and gives presentations about Drupal. He has his own web development company, Redfin Solutions.

Chris has a Master of Arts in Technology Education with a concentration in Adult Learning. He graduated summa cum laude from Providence College with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Chris lives in Maine with his wife, two dogs and two small children.  


Patrick Corbett, Drupal DeveloperPatrick Corbett, Drupal Developer
Patrick has been developing websites since 1996. Like his Redfin partner, Chris, in addition to programming, he teaches, trains and gives presentations on Drupal. He is an active participant of the Drupal community, contributing to future developments of the software.

Patrick graduated with honors from the University of Maine's New Media program with concentrations in Computer Engineering and Technical Writing. He lives in Maine with his wife and two children. When he's not managing a project or troubleshooting with a client, Patrick likes to garden, grow bamboo, ski, read, and play with his kids.


Jon Sachs, Graphic Designer and PhotographerJon Sachs, Visual Designer, Front-end Developer, Photographer
Jon and Andrea have been working together since 1998, when Jon, then owner of web firm Centermedia, brought Andrea on board, inspiring in her an appreciation of precise architecture, pixel perfection and clean code. Jon currently runs his own business, where he also builds websites, does graphic design and photography. He collaborates with Elytra Design on larger projects that require more hands and perspectives. Jon has a Bachelor of Science in Art and Design from MIT (1967 to 1971). With woods in his backyard, Jon can take long walks, with memories of his beloved dog Walter



Teddy the dog
Teddy is now 8 years old. He plays a critical role at Elytra Design. With his highly enthusiastic greeting, he informs Andrea when the mail has arrived, or when the UPS truck is pulling up. Most importantly, he keeps daily checks on Andrea's sanity, making sure she gets away from her computer to walk or play a few times a day. He makes sure her creativity is restored. 

Teddy's favorite quote is, "They think they're taking me out for a pee. I know I'm taking them out to meditate." ~Anon